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Why Most Russian Women are Beautiful


  Scientists have studied and spent hours of guessing the Russian women's’ secret to beauty. Russian women are well-known for their pretty face and slim body. A lot of men around the world have been possessed by the features that make them desirable. While psychologically they are just the same as other women, some reasons on why most Russian women are beautiful is because of their mentality, lifestyle...

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Reasons Online Dating Is Worth The try


  We are aware that there has always been a stigma attached to online dating. A lot of judgements are thrown on dating sites and people who use them. But let’s be real. Nowadays, in the digital world, where almost everything can be done through the help of technologies and the internet, online dating isn’t a bad thing to try, and it has become acceptable. We were taught to stay away from chatrooms and take precautions while on the internet when we were young...

Online Dating Tips: Find True Love Online


  Nowadays, a lot of dating websites and apps have been emerging here and there. Many people are fond of using these and joining the online dating world. This might make you wonder, with a lot of people joining in the wagon, is it still possible to look for that one true love through online dating sites? Is there a secret recipe or is it just down to luck?
  Well, the online dating world can be rough and challenging sometimes, especially when you’re just a newbie...

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Ukrainian girls crowd agencies willing to get married abroad.

As the political situation in the country has changed, Ukrainian women have also changed their marriage preferences. Several years ago, Ukrainian girls were not so eager to register in the marriage agencies, but now many women are ready to pay their own money to find a good foreign husband. "I can say for sure, the influx is very large, we don’t even have time to process all the applications ...


Russian statistics show increase in marriages with foreigners.

Over the past decade, the number of marriages with foreigners has increased several times in Moscow and in the suburbs. If in the mid-2000s, about 6% of the marriages were international, now this figure is twice as large. Here is the statistics: the year 2005 – 1407 marriages, the year 2017 - 13 685 marriages. According to the statistics provided by the Moscow registry offices, the...


The European Commission offers to introduce visa free regime for Ukrainian.

EU offers visa liberalization for Ukraine. According to TASS, such document was published on European Commission website. EU Commission introduces the visa free regime for short-term travels to the EU for Ukrainian citizens who have biometric passports. It is also reported, visa liberalization dialogue between Ukraine and the EU was ..


5 helpful tips to learn a foreign language easy and quickly.

Communicating with people from other countries, we often face a language barrier. The language of Love is universal, though you need to be able to express your thoughts and understand your partner’s feelings. In 2006 an American scientist, Richard Sparks, proved that any person could learn a foreign language. It is not necessary to have any super natural abilities ...


How to surprise your girlfriend

Girls always wait for romantic and amazing surprises from their men. Disregarding the living conditions or education, a woman always wants to be pleasantly amazed. Any man should know that the way to a woman’s heart is through romanticism. If you are able to surprise your girlfriend, you can be sure that her feelings to...


Why do Slavic women like to dress up?

There are several reasons why Slavic girls like to dress up gracefully and use make-up. According to many historians, Russian women have passion for bright clothes, embroidery and different decorations from ancient times. It is connected with the severe climate. It usually snows half a year, so you will just look faded if you do...