Online dating today has given up its negative stigma and is becoming more and more acceptable and successful in our dating culture. Several factors of its success include the rise in mobile dating apps, the availability of the Internet, and, well, the fact that nearly 54 million Americans are single.

As more people continue to use online dating sites (about 49 million people have tried it), it becomes more and more likely that you will meet your soul mate online. Think about it - how often do you actually meet someone at a bar or sitting in a cafe? While meeting someone through a friend is still the best chance (and preferred option) for finding love, dating online cannot be ruled out, especially in a technology-driven world.

If you're wondering if it's worth doing online dating, consider the following:

Online dating is worth it because giving you access to great people

One of the most important benefits of why online dating is worth it is the dating pool it provides. Extrovert or introvert, dating can be difficult for everyone. Although there are 54 million single people in America, it can be difficult for someone to find the right way to talk to someone, let alone find the love of their life on one of these dates.

In part, online dating has become as accepted in modern culture as it is easy to connect with other people. We are also adopting it more because it is similar to many other technologies and social networking sites that we use on a daily basis. Some people even meet through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Online dating is another way to meet single people online who are looking for a relationship.

Algorithm-based compatibility makes online dating

Tired of meeting the same people? Tired of dating and never finding someone you really hang out with? One of the huge benefits of using online dating is that you can weed out people with whom you have nothing in common and narrow down the circle to those who both of you are attracted to and with whom you share interests.

Eharmony uses a compatibility algorithm to identify unwanted matches and find the best one for you. The online dating service creates 15 million matches for people every day. By completing a survey that asks psychological and personality questions, the site can match you to those who gave similar answers. This does not mean that you will absolutely fall in love with your couple, but it just simplifies the relationship a little when you already have some interests to build from.


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