2015-06-01  Why do Slavic women like to dress up?
Why do Slavic women like to dress up?

There are several reasons why Slavic girls like to dress up gracefully and use make-up.
According to many historians, Russian women have passion for bright clothes, embroidery and different decorations from ancient times. It is connected with the severe climate. It usually snows half a year, so you will just look faded if you do not wear bright clothes.
Russian women are very fashion-oriented. Fashionable clothes became especially popular in the time of the empress Elizabeth, who had about 15 000 dresses in her wardrobe. The same concerns make-up. In Moscow in 16th-17th century, an ideal woman was supposed to be burly and curvaceous with rouge applied on her face. It was always popular to wear lots of jewelry.
Another reason to dress up is the female competition to attract a man’s attention. As is generally known, there are less men than women in Russia.
Many Western men often ask why most of the women look like models from popular magazines. The answer is very simple – Russian and Ukrainian girls just like being pretty and attractive. They cannot imagine their life without beautiful clothes and make-up. It helps them to feel themselves feminine and desired.
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