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  She is eine Frau Vom Mariupol, Ukraine
  This Russian mail order bride speak by: Russian(Fliessend), Ukrainian(Gut), English(Elementar)
She work in as pastry-cook
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Persönliche Daten

Private Daten und Kontaktinformationen
Geschlecht:     frau
Kinder:     1 Kind
will Kinder haben:     Ich sage es dir später
Größe:     5'0" - 5'1" (151-155cm)
Körperbau:     Attraktiv
Ethnizität:     Kaukasisch
Religion:     Christ
Familienstand:     Geschieden
Ausbildung:     Hochschulstudent
Details der Person die Sie suchen
Ich suche:     männlich
Ich suche nach einer Altersgruppe:     22-50
Ich suche nach der Größe:    
Ich suche nach Körperbau:    
Beziehung:   Freizeitpartner, Freundschaft, Ehe, Beziehung, Romantik


I'm a very lively, easy-going and cheerful. I like to laugh, stay optimistic whatever may happen. I enjoy companies of other people; I'm also quite flexible and loyal, easy to get along with. I am pretty communicative and natural. I have a lot of friends and my numerous friends say that I am really reliable, and understanding person; I try to help everyone in difficult minutes of life. I am really gentle, caring and passionate especially when I fall in love. I hate conflicts and I always do my best to overcome them. I am romantic person and I adore flowers, walking under the starry sky and listening to sounds of waves at the seaside.

Beschreibung eines idealen Partners(einer idealen Partnerin)

The man of my dreams is self-confident, interesting and energetic. I hope he sees the glass half full like me. I want us to be together always and in spited of everything: times change, good and bad moments pass, but our love should remain the same strong and sincere forever. My man is the one, who has both seriousness and sense of humor, who is realistic and romantic, or brave and patient, depending on situation. I am looking for a friend, a lover and a partner, the one who can built a harmonious relationship with a lady like me. I think that there should be romanticism and sexuality between spouses during many years.
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