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  She is eine Frau Vom Taganrog, Russia
  This Russian mail order bride speak by: Russian, English
She work in as electromen on servise of electrecal statcheon
Zuletzt Online: 2016-07-13 14:30:03
Russian bride / Single / ID: 1000555028
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Persönliche Daten

Private Daten und Kontaktinformationen
Geschlecht:     frau
Kinder:     Ohne Kinder
will Kinder haben:     Ja
Größe:     5'4" - 5'5" (161-165cm)
Körperbau:     Durchschnittlich
Ethnizität:     Kaukasisch
Religion:     Christ
Familienstand:     Single
Ausbildung:     Graduate Student
Raucher:     Nein
Trinker(in):     Nein
Details der Person die Sie suchen
Ich suche:     männlich
Ich suche nach einer Altersgruppe:     45-51
Ich suche nach der Größe:    
Ich suche nach Körperbau:    
Beziehung:   Ehe


I am calm, kindhearted, honest, attractive, romantic, easy-going. kind, affectionate, hard-working, sociable, intelligent, cheerful, friendly, sexy, tolerant, friendly, kind, know how to listen to buddy and his support, support in the difficult moment, empathic,puposeful. I'm always courteous and friendly with people. Listening to music. I cook tasty things: as bake pancakes, pies with any filling, fritters, preparing various salads, risotto with fried chicken, soup . I like intersting books- adventures, fantastic, novel. I like animals. 8) My hobby: TRAVEL,SEASIDE,SHEYPING. I LIKE TO VISIT TO WALK, ON PARK, ON THE EMBANKMENT, TO MEET DECLINES AND DAWN. TO ME SPORTS AS NRAITSYA: GOLF, BILLIARDS, FIGURE SKATING, SAILING COMPETITIONS.

Beschreibung eines idealen Partners(einer idealen Partnerin)

I would like to meet a man ,who is 45-51 old. he should be reliable,kind,supoortive,dood--hear ted,affectionate,popuseful, could support in a difficult moment, good natured.

Frauen Vom Taganrog, Russia (mehr)


44 Jahre alt frau
Bride Vom Taganrog, Russia

44 Jahre alt frau
Bride Vom Taganrog, Russia

45 Jahre alt frau
Bride Vom Taganrog, Russia

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