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  She is eine Frau Vom Kharkiv, Ukraine
  This Russian mail order bride speak by: English(Mittel), Russian(Fliessend)
She work in as manager
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Geschlecht:     frau
Kinder:     Ohne Kinder
will Kinder haben:     Ich sage es dir später
Körperbau:     Schlank
Religion:     Orthodox
Raucher:     Nein
Trinker(in):     Nein
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Ich suche:     männlich
Ich suche nach einer Altersgruppe:     40-75
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Beziehung:   Freizeitpartner, Freundschaft, Ehe, Beziehung, Romantik, Reisepartner


I am a woman who has a big heart. But sometimes in my situation, the woman does not know where to send all the love, affection and care. I guess my internal instincts were calling me throughout my life. My profession is closely connected with children - but most importantly - it's not just maternal instinct. Is the desire to make someone's fate is more predictable, which will not be dependent on chance in the early stages of life. I too as a child. I walked throughout my life, I fell down - got back up. And Yes I had gone through the school of life Heartbreak. I'm there now, to show that I have something special for you. In any case, only the Creator can tell us why the accident forced me to register my profile here. But I think it was the evolution of my thoughts and ideas about how to start a relationship in another world. I want to build my world - where I will see smiles of my family. And I'm sure that I made the right choice. This is not the end. This is only the first step. I hope that you will be happy to lend me your hand.

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Someone who can make me laugh even in the worst day, someone honest and loyal, who respect his own choise and who can not be rude or mean to someone whom he told he loves. Someone who dreams about true family and who will never betray his other half!
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