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  She is eine Frau Vom Kiev, Ukraine
  This Russian mail order bride speak by: English(Gut)
She work in as sales
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Persönliche Daten

Private Daten und Kontaktinformationen
Geschlecht:     frau
Kinder:     Ohne Kinder
will Kinder haben:     Ich sage es dir später
Größe:     5'4" - 5'5" (161-165cm)
Körperbau:     Schlank
Ethnizität:     Kaukasisch
Religion:     Christ
Familienstand:     Single
Ausbildung:     Hochschulbildung
Raucher:     Nein
Trinker(in):     Selten
Details der Person die Sie suchen
Ich suche:     männlich
Ich suche nach einer Altersgruppe:     45-75
Ich suche nach der Größe:    
Ich suche nach Körperbau:    
Beziehung:   Freizeitpartner, Freundschaft, Ehe, Beziehung, Romantik


I am a reliable honest girl, who appreciates life and what it can offer. One who likes to take risks and doesn’t take everything too analytically. At the same time I am even-tempered and have a good sense of balance in my life. I love to laugh and have a good sense of humour, sometimes silly things make me laugh. I want to see this world and my life in positive way; I want it to be an adventure. But I’m missing a person who would like to go to this adventure with me, who would like to be there for me the rest of my life and give me tenderness and love. I am a good communicator and have about ten good friends. I am sincere, considerate, and reliable with a strong passion and dedication for my man. I love children and animals, and they love me too. I believe that life is fresh and new every single day, and romance, candle-light dinners, and gentle kisses will lift our souls above the clouds. I am most passionate about life and making sure that I balance work with enough excitement and fun for a lifetime. I enjoy all the usual things, walks on the beach, reading books, listening to music, cooking and give all my love to people I care for. I like nice evenings with a good dinner and wine, movies, theatre, concerts, museums, art galleries. I am active and fit, and I enjoy working out and jogging. I like good times with good friends.

Beschreibung eines idealen Partners(einer idealen Partnerin)

I am here to find my second half, my love, my husband, my life. For me personal chemistry is very important. But beyond that there must be understanding, respect, and of course trust. I am looking for an intelligent, sensibly grounded man who can express his emotions, speak his mind and stand his ground. You are a man that is ready to explore life and the world with a partner. You understand that good relationships require commitment, work, patience, communication and most of all faithfulness and honesty. Then write me please soon:))

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