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  She is eine Frau Vom Odessa, Ukraine
  This Russian mail order bride speak by: English(Sehr schlecht)
She work in as Women clothes taylor
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Persönliche Daten

Private Daten und Kontaktinformationen
Geschlecht:     frau
Kinder:     1 Kind
will Kinder haben:     Vielleicht
Größe:     5'8" - 5'9" (171-175cm)
Körperbau:     Attraktiv
Ethnizität:     Kaukasisch
Religion:     Christ
Ausbildung:     Graduate Student
Raucher:     Nein
Trinker(in):     Nein
Details der Person die Sie suchen
Ich suche:     männlich
Ich suche nach einer Altersgruppe:     35-55
Ich suche nach der Größe:    
Ich suche nach Körperbau:    
Beziehung:   Freundschaft, Ehe, Beziehung, Romantik


I am easy-going and feminine lady. I easily get along with people and I have lots of friends. I see glass half full and live my life with positive and optimistic attitude to life. I have a wonderful son and he is such a friendly person too. I am very kind by nature and it is a pleasure for me to help people who need assistance. I am considerate poerson and sometimes I like to be spontaneous. My life is full of different events and I like it- however, much more I like warmth of home and family lifestyle. I have a great sence of humor, every day is a fun for me. However, I can be serious when situation requires. We have a saying : "Only sincere and opened people have sparkling sence of humor". I would agree to this saying. I am romantic lady and dream a lot. I absolutely like my creative job - what a pleasure to help ladies become more beautiful and more confident about their beauty! In my childhood I dreamt of becoming a balerine.) I like learning new things and absolutely enjoy new experiences, from tasting new dishes to new sports. My life values are family health and well-being, self-development, harmony with inner me and outer world.

Beschreibung eines idealen Partners(einer idealen Partnerin)

I want to meet reliable and caring man. I am a woman of classic family traditions and I see my man as a head of our family. I do think that two people in a couple are partners and both put all inner energy into creating strong and lasting hapy relationships. I want my man to believe in mutual respect and love. I respect when a man is reliable, when he shows himself not by describing but with actions. My man is well-organized and has his inner center of beliefs, goals and motivations. I want my beloved to become a reliable friend and mentor for my son. I appreciate when a man is looking at life optimistically and knows there is always a way to make things better. I wish we can share alike values such as honesty, mutual trust, developing more common interests. I have a dream to travel with my man and to play tennis with him. How do you think, can you become that man?))

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